Marisa Miller, Ashlee Simpson, And Other Celebs At The Barnstable-Brown Gala For Kentucky Derby

May 1st, 2010 // 2 Comments

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend and while my friends hit the bar for Mint Juleps in big hats on this lovely Saturday, I’m loyally here with you. With mint julep in a thermos. No glass is about as far as I can go as far as sacrifices.

And where there is a major sporting event there is a celebrity gala. Celebs mixed into the southern social scene at the 22nd Annual Barnstable-Brown Gala for the 136th Kentucky Derby on Friday night. It’s put on by socialites and former 1970s Doublemint Twins Patricia “Tricia” Barnstable-Brown and Priscilla “Cyb” Barnstable-Brown (the two old broads you don’t know in the gallery both dressed like old school Barbie.)

Not sure what’s up with Marisa Miller. Looks like they asked her what state the Kentucky Derby is in. Just kidding, I’m sure she’s super smart and translates Latin verbs in her spare time with Adriana Lima.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz took a night off from parent duty as did Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell. Ashlee didn’t get the memo that you don’t have to wear a hat until the actual races, but I think she looks cute. Rebecca’s dress on the other hand is the hottest thing I’ve seen on the red carpet recently and I can’t wait to track it down. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo… well don’t have kids and they are boring so moving on….

Diane Lane was dressed down in are cardigan, but it just brings our her natural fresh look, I think. Speaking of natural, Johnny Weir went without a shirt, naturally.

Click through the gallery to see who went solo, what blasts from the pasts showed up, and who was juiced up to come.

By Madison Ventura

  1. r

    There’s no “comments” link to the story about Halle Berry’s ex confirming their split so I’m going to leave my comment here:
    She’s a slut. Sorry Nahla. Halle was with her ex when she made out with Jamie Foxx on t.v. !What respectable man wants to be with a woman like that? What respectable man ever wants to see his wife kissing anyone else?????? NONE!!!! I know she’s an actress so I think he just finally realized that she’s in a whole other world that he doesn’t feel comfortable with. I don’t blame him. He left her because she’s a slut.

  2. t-man

    to be fair to halle, it was a take on the oscar acceptance so it wasn’t a kiss of passion. was halle not supposed to kiss any of her costars because she had a baby’s dad? i’m sad they broke up, but to paint halle is a slut is a tad silly

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