Bikini-Clad Marisa Miller Gets Us Ready For Summer

Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller chatted with Esquire about what makes a guy a “guy.”  Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, Miller knows a lot about summer, surfing and the appropriate swim trunks men should be wearing.

We’re not in Europe. I don’t understand the guys who wear that really tight Euro-spandex. I just don’t get it. For me, I grew up around surfers — guys in trunks — and I like that. You want a guy to be a guy, you know?

Amen, sister.  Cover up the family jewels.

PHOTOS: Marisa Miller Hits Up The Red Carpet

Miller takes part in a short film for Captain Morgan’s rum, and she talked about having to put up with a lot to get the right shot.  The Sports Illustrated model told the magazine,
We trained for a week. On set it was so hot, and we’re in these leather pants, and you’ve got all this sand — it’s the craziest feeling. We were so irritated by the elements that when we were fighting we were so mad. And it actually worked.
Check out photos of Miller from Esquire in our gallery, and we’ll see you at the gym after.