Marion Jones Running To Prison

Disgraced Olympic athlete Marion Jones was sentenced to six months in prison today for lying about steroid use and a check-fraud scheme. Even after begging the judge not to separate her from her children, she still received a six month sentence in a White Plains, NY court. The judge sentenced her to the maximum sentence under her plea deal to set an example to other athletes who might have messed up in the same fashion. Marion has admitted that she juiced up for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and has returned every single one of the five medals that she won there. Three which were gold. Ouch. Jones is the first professional athlete to receive jail time in this steroid scandal. She got hers from the same place, Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, that Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi did. So what aren’t they in prison and this one is? Misogyny! Someone get Martha Stewart’s ass on the phone, she knows how it is.