Marion Cotillard’s Stalker Gets Charged

Fear not my friends! Marion Cotillard is safe once more. Huffington Post reports that Teresa Yuan, Marion’s stalker and death threat sender, was “arraigned Thursday and released on $50,000 bail.” She has been ordered to stay away from any Marion Cotillard websites and is forbidden from using internet anywhere outside her home, and all at home use will be monitored.

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Yuan was charged after sending videos and e-mails to a Marion Cotillard fansite. In one video she went on and on about wanting to play Russian Roulette with Marion, “(W)ould you be willing to play Russian Roulette? If you weren’t willing and you had no choice, I’d say `yeah, that’s pretty unfair.’ But would you still like it that at least there’s only one bullet in this pistol?” In another recording Yuan said she wouldn’t regret the killing “after it happens” because “that’s apparently how it feels to be a killer.” She said in another recording that she could be “very calm and respectful and kind, but then you push me too far or you back me in a corner and this is how I feel … ” She ended that recording in some hissing and growling.

Authorities were notified of threats in April by the site’s administrator. At the point, the threats were being come far more intense and Marion’s close family and friends actually feared for her safety. I would totally fear too, especially since she had a little baby boy on the way.

We should be happy for Marion. She’s no longer got a stalker, she’s busy being awesome in The Dark Knight Rises and she’s gorgeous. Also, what kind of a board member wears that costume in a film? Check out the gallery and leave us your thoughts!