Marion Cotillard Plays With Whales, Looks Fantastic

Marion Cotillard looked to be having a fantastic time as she learned how to train orca whales at France’s Marineland for her role in the upcoming film Rust and Bone. The actress wore a skin-tight wetsuit (that was redundant, they’re supposed to be skin-tight) and gave commands and love to a big ol’ whale.

According to MailOnline the film is based on the book of short stories by Craig Davidson. In one of the stories “a young man loses his leg to an orca he performs with in a marine park show, and  tries to rebuild his life.” It’s unknown exactly what Marion’s role in the tale is. Maybe a friend, lover or maybe they’re making the man a woman.

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Marion took to the whale training like a natural. Launch the gallery to see all the photos from the training session. Seriously, being an actor is so cool sometimes. I mean, she’s actually learning how to be a whale trainer. Like, that is now a skill she can put on her resume. It can go right next to super, butt-kicking, badass.

Marion has been keeping herself quite busy despite only giving birth in May. Could you imagine giving birth then four months later looking like that and playing with whales? Crazy. Also, she’s is gorgeous. I mean, the woman is soaking wet, wearing no make-up and she’s probably the most beautiful actress in Hollywood. Check out the photos and tell us what you think!