Marion Cotillard Brings The High Fashion & Drama For ‘Interview Magazine’

Marion Plays With Whales
What can't this actress do?
There are some celebrities I could spend all day staring at, and Marion Cotillard definitely tops the list.

If you need any convincing that she’s the perfect star to stare at, may I offer her latest photo shoot for Interview Magazine. It’s high fashion, it’s high drama and it is 100% flawless.

The Oscar winner covers the March issue of the magazine, where she not only looks gorgeous, but also talks about the hardest part of fame. Can you guess what she doesn’t like? 

Oddly enough, interviews. “Being interviewed, that’s one of my problems. Talking about myself to someone I don’t know, and knowing that most of the time they will interpret in a bad way what I’m saying, has turned me into a wild beast when it comes to press.” Oh Marion, I don’t think you’re a wild beast.

Although I am very excited about seeing you let your crazy flag fly as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth. I love what she had to say about it, “I’m preparing it. We haven’t had the shooting yet. And, well, this is a lot of work. Because this is something where you cannot just learn your lines and show up on set. It would be a disaster. So, yeah, we’re in the flesh. Not shooting yet, but we’re in the flesh.”

Question: does the Mackers curse also apply to film sets? This is important to know. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Marion’s stunning shoot, and check out Interview Magazine for more from the Oscar winner.