Mario Vazquez Feels The Wrath Of Hairstylists

Mario, Mario. We all know that one of the reason’s he quit American Idol, is because he’s light in the loafers. Well, the boy needs to learn to keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep the closet door closed (as much as it can be).

The New York Daily News published an account of his “close attachment” to a male hairstylist. Then in a press interview, he denied there was “anyone special” in his life.

But The ENQUIRER learned that by making that statement he upset not only his New York City boyfriend — identified by several sources as a hairstylist — but also triggered the resentment of the stylist’s friends. Mario’s quitting also triggered neighbors and friends in the Bronx neighborhood where he was raised to tell The ENQUIRER it’s an open secret that Mario is gay. “Everybody wants to know why Mario quit ‘American Idol.’ It’s because a rival contestant threatened to go public with details about a relationship Mario desperately wanted to keep private,” a pal told The ENQUIRER.

“But Mario’s former boyfriend is devastated that Mario is denying there is anyone special in his life. This could be the last straw for their relationship.” Another source, who knows Mario’s love interest, told The ENQUIRER that their relationship was well-known at the Manhattan hair salon where the stylist presently works and which is the same company where Mario was once employed.

We all know how the girls at the salon can be. Nothing is a secret. Now lets just tell mommy your secret, and get on with it.

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[photo via Fashion Wire Daily]