Mario Lopez And Holly Madison Celebrate Bikinis

I personally can not stand Mario Lopez. I think he’s a douche and a total cheater, however many of you might like him if for no other reason than he’s hosting something with a hundred girls in bikinis.

Mario hosted the 3rd Annual Cosmopolitan Magazine Bikini Bash at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas yesterday (May 24) where he pimped out his exercise book and about a hundred women gathered around the hotel’s pool in blue bikinis provided by the magazine. Holly Madison attended, but for some reason the lady who loves dressing up for occasions forewent the two-piece.

And that seems to be it. It’s a party for bikinis. At one point all the girls broke out into a flashmob to music which sounds cool, but a party goer said that “after the third time they played the song the whole thing played out.” Like the third time you have a bikini party?