Mario Lopez To Flit Onto Broadway

I didn’t find these photos, but I want a door-sized version. Hot. Mario Lopez and his rock hard abs and ass are coming to Broadway. A.C. Slater will be taking the role of the demanding director in A Chorus Line.

A Chorus Line? BORING. Couldn’t he take over for Daniel Radcliffe in Equus? That would actually make full use of his talents. I don’t know if there is dancing but there’s certainly full frontal. And I think Mario needs to flash that lighthouse.

Mario’s first performance will be on April 15, and he will perform in the production until September 7. Hot damn! Someone wants to hang in NYC. He must have time on his hands now that his chick is creepin’ behind his back. Can’t he play the drag queen role at least? Isn’t there a drag queen in there? Or a gay one? No one could have played Greg Looseanus with as much heart, and soul, and packed Speedos as he did.