Mario Lopez Shirtless, In His Underwear And Painted In Gold [PHOTOS]

Mario's New Underwear Line
Mario Lopez shows off his new line of men's undies.
Mario Lopez posted a slew of pics to his Twitter account yesterday during his photoshoot for his underwear line MaLo. He wrote, “MaLo is all about ‘masculine with an edge.'” An edge? Okay.

During part of the photoshoot Mario was joined by his fiancee Courtney Mazza who donned tanks and men’s briefs as well.

The couple’s 22-month-old daughter, Gia, even got in on the photo shoot fun, offering her father a kiss in between poses.

Check out Mario’s package and more by launching the gallery. 

He started off this day with this tweet:

  What do you think of Mario’s new undies?