Marilyn Manson’s Ex Not A Fan


Brian Warner’s ex-wife isn’t his biggest fan . Probably since they split up and he started dating a teenager who’s willing to stab herself for him. Granted, Dita seems a little pervy herself…but seriously she’s like an oasis of normalcy beside one contact-wearing, absinthe-swilling Beezlebub.

Dita Von Teese may be ready to move on from her marriage to Marilyn Manson, but circumstances have kept the pair in contact.

“We’re in touch,” Von Teese, 34, told PEOPLE Thursday at the party for the musical Wicked at Hollywood hot spot Social Hollywood. “We’re still married. We’re going through the [divorce] process but we are not friends.”

“When I say ‘friends,’ I mean friends,” she explained, making air-quotes with her fingers. “But we don’t hate each other or anything.”

“I live for adventure and experience and I’m having a really wonderful time in my life,” she said. “It’s a new renewal for me and a new chapter in my life and I’m excited about what happens next.”

She’s probably excited that she can get up off the sacrifical altar and doesn’t have to portray a Victorian lady three headed murdered circus freak prostitute just so Capt. Shadowpenis can get an erection.

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