Marilyn Manson’s Ex Not A Fan

April 6th, 2007 // 8 Comments


Brian Warner’s ex-wife isn’t his biggest fan . Probably since they split up and he started dating a teenager who’s willing to stab herself for him. Granted, Dita seems a little pervy herself…but seriously she’s like an oasis of normalcy beside one contact-wearing, absinthe-swilling Beezlebub.

Dita Von Teese may be ready to move on from her marriage to Marilyn Manson, but circumstances have kept the pair in contact.

“We’re in touch,” Von Teese, 34, told PEOPLE Thursday at the party for the musical Wicked at Hollywood hot spot Social Hollywood. “We’re still married. We’re going through the [divorce] process but we are not friends.”

“When I say ‘friends,’ I mean friends,” she explained, making air-quotes with her fingers. “But we don’t hate each other or anything.”

“I live for adventure and experience and I’m having a really wonderful time in my life,” she said. “It’s a new renewal for me and a new chapter in my life and I’m excited about what happens next.”

She’s probably excited that she can get up off the sacrifical altar and doesn’t have to portray a Victorian lady three headed murdered circus freak prostitute just so Capt. Shadowpenis can get an erection.

More photos of Dita Von Teese doing her burlesque thing after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. ya ya

    She’s hot! Love Dita! She’s classy, not trashy like..oh just about every single chick in entertainment! Go Girl!

  2. margaretta

    Suddenly Anna Nicole seems wholesome

  3. debkakes

    Damn! Thanks for posting them pix. I can’t get enough of that girl, she’s just so classy and git-down beautiful.

  4. holls

    I didn’t expect to like her, but damn it, I do! How does a stripper manage to appear so smart and elegant and classy?
    I have no idea, but she does pull it off.

  5. Persephone

    my my
    does anyone else think that three of the four
    comments above were written by the same person?

    margaretta’s reads like poetry.

    dita.dita: take a career break.

  6. emma

    I’m a straight girl, but I think Dita is not only gorgeous, but H-O-T-T. She’s sexy because her act is playful and leaves something to the imagination.

    However, she is NOT a stripper — what she does is called “burlesque” and is almost an extinct form of art. Burlesque was replaced by full nudity strippers when laws changed to allow that in public establishments. Before stripping was legal, clever dancing and choreographed shows were used to simulate nudity.

    I think what Dita does, leaving something to the imagination, is much sexier than the crotch shots and leaked sex tapes preferred today. I know that makes me sound ancient, but I am only 23. I would love to learn some of her tricks!

  7. A tryst

    Dita is fantastically sexy, classy, elegant, etc. Her playfulness and poise make her nudity seem natural and unimposing.

    I would like to note that it is not impossible to find these qualities in the woman of a strip club. As a dancer who has spent the past three years working in a gowns only, no contact gentleman’s club, I argue on my own behalf and that of my coworkers that class and nudity are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it is the puritanical doctrine so deeply embedded in the American collective consciousness that encourages a sensationalist and vulgar approach to the human body as a means of establishing counterculture.

    It is my opinion that the reason Dita Von Teese can be both a burlesque dancer (which though it is, yes, much different from a stripper does not make either better or worse than the other) and an icon of good taste and glamour is the same as that for which I can be an exotic dancer (or stripper. However one prefers to phrase it) with dignity and an education. It’s called sexual enlightenment.

    Really, all nudity should seem natural and unimposing because nudity IS natural and all women should be so blessed as to have the confidence lent by that understanding.

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