Marilyn Manson Stiffs Keyboard Player, Buys Dead Chinese Girl’s Bones

August 2nd, 2007 // 8 Comments

As if to add insult to injury, Marilyn Manson opted not to pay his keyboard player, rather he spent a good chunk of the band’s income on “sick and disturbing purchases of Nazi memorabilia and taxidermy (including the skeleton of a young Chinese girl,)” according to Page Six. Um, yuck. Or, at least that’s what the keyboard player’s suit against the Goth rocker claims. Stephen “Pogo” Bier is suing Manson, as well as the band’s manager, Manson’s lawyer and business manager, saying that that Manson’s team of people included in the suit are guilty of “filching millions of dollars the band made over the years.” In addition to not paying Bier, the keyboardist is claiming Manson has spent his money on really weird and/or just super-expensive stuff, and that Manson was attempting to systematically squeeze him out of the band. If this is true, at the very least, Manson should have thrown a femur or a tibia from the Chinese girl’s bones at Bier, out of good faith. Or a phalanx bone. Did you like that? That was me showing off the full extent of my knowledge of human anatomy.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    I wonder if his young girlfriend is trying to piss off her parents or someone, or if she is so seriously disturbed that she actually digs this freak?

  2. T-Bone

    She’s playing out her Running with Scissors character in real life. Art imitating life or life imitating art?

    Which reminds me — I LOVE Annette Bening.

  3. nymphetomine

    Think there’s a liitle thing called Satanism going on with Lord Weirdo & Lady Weirdo. I’m sure her parents are so happy.

  4. Rebecca

    Well that’s shocking. I always thought Manson and Pogo were really good friends. I don’t really believe half of what Pogo is claiming. I mean, it’s hard to believe he never got ANYTHING for all the time he was in the band.

  5. Jenny

    I think Evan Rachel Wood is a great actress; she’s made great choices for being an LA young actress. But I think her decision with dating MM is terrible.

  6. Margaret

    I love Marilyn Manson and his music…whatever you say folks…that is the life of being a goth…you are all so narrow minded! and I really envy Evan Rachel for having Marilyn…

  7. Emesher

    evan rachel woods is spoiling an intellectual and influencial man with her childish bullshit and the fans are getting pissed. we love manson but shes cheap trash in comparrison to this god of goth rock. ditch her before its too late. ave brian warner

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