Marilyn Manson Left by His Satanic Bride, Hundreds Brace For Divorce is Evil And Was Obviously Invented by Christ Concept Album

Page Six claims that Marilyn Manson’s marriage is over.

SHOCK-rocker Marilyn Manson is about to get one of the biggest shocks of his bizarre life – his stunning stripper-wife, Dita Von Teese, is dumping him after only a year of marriage.

Page Six has learned that the pasty-faced Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, will be served with divorce papers today at a Los Angeles recording studio where he’s working on his next album, with Von Teese citing “irreconcilable differences” in giving him the boot.

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Sources say the raven-haired bombshell filed for the split right before Christmas, but Manson has been unaware of it because she couldn’t get in touch with him.

“He’s not been responsive,” a friend said. “She loved him so much, but he has too many demons. He can’t even communicate with her at this point. She tried to tell him she was divorcing him, but she can’t even get him on the phone. She moved out of the house and he hasn’t even noticed.”

Friends say Manson had been boozing heavily last year, much to Von Teese’s dismay, but she’d desperately tried to hold on. “She really tried to make this work,” the friend said.

It’s not known yet whether Von Teese plans to ask for custody of the couple’s two cats, Lily and Aleister, and dachshunds, Greta and Eva.

That’s so rock star. You not noticing your wife has moved out of your house because you’re shut up in your home recording studio, dressed like a Victorian lady and doing massive amounts of absinthe while torturing llamas to get the perfect shriek for a three second interlude between tracks 17 and 18 on your next album. Why did she leave again?