Mariah May Be Bringing Her Crazy To ‘American Idol’

You thought Paula Abdul’s crazy was great? What if you could get Mariah Carey instead? Huzzah!

E! News is reporting that the songstress is still in talks with the show to be on it for the upcoming season.

“She wants it,” says their source. “She’s seen what America’s Got Talent has done for [hubby Nick Cannon] and thinks it will be a good career move.” Really? What has it done for him?

When contacted Thursday evening for comment, a rep for Carey didn’t confirm or deny, responding only that there is “nothing to report.”

The source familiar with negotiations adds that the show’s deal with Steven Tyler is “all but a done deal” and an announcement will be made after the entire judges table is filled.

So it would be Carey, Tyler and Randy Jackson…hmmm. One of these things is not like the other. It would be the person who isn’t a singer.

The great thing about Mariah is that she will not only act crazy, try to one-up all the contestants, but also will dress like a crazy person. Exhibit A is the gallery below, of her in December of last year!