Mariah Is Ho-riffic In Her New Video

March 10th, 2006 // 20 Comments

Ms. Carey dresses skimpily for her”‘Say Something’” video shoot in Paris. She’s lose a touch of weight, but is concerned about losing too much of her behind.

“I’ve been working out like mad – you can even punch me in the stomach and feel how tight that is. But I’ve gotta slow it down cos the other day someone told me I was losing my ass – and I don’t want to lose that.”

More photos of Mariah Carey in Paris, after the jump.

Mariah’s Got It All Worked Out [3am]

(Photos via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. taycay

    there’s nothing wrong with flaunting a sexy body. At least her body is of normal size and not like a toothpick! A tan would help though.

  2. Anne

    I agree…and the shoes are pretty ugly. Otherwise I love Mariah she has a great voice.

  3. M

    Come on people Mariah is an idiot. Don’t make me find the story about her posing with the homeless dude who didn’t want his picture taken. And she obviously has some kind of scarf ‘n barf thing going on or something because one minute she is thicker than Tommy Lee’s big fat c**k, and the next she is looking like someone who hasn’t eaten a small child. Ugh!

  4. I’m a size 2 and I still wouldn’t go around wearing that dress (or those fudogly shoes). The point is, embrace your body, whatever your size, but don’t make a fool out of yourself wearing ugly and slutty clothes that only street walkers wear. She could flaunt her body in more appropriate clothing for both her age and her size.

  5. Kayla

    Oh, please, please, please. May I punch her in the stomach?

  6. Tits McGee

    Everytime I hear a Mariah Carey song I want to vomit.

  7. Kelsey

    I love love love Mariah, but she’s a skanky hoe haha
    @ least she has a good voice!!!

  8. timmons622

    Mariah will look her best ever when she’s lying in a coffin.

  9. Emma in London

    Ugerly shoes!!!! Dang that bitch needs to act her age and cover up that whiter than white skin

  10. pook

    still looks pretty fat to me….
    maybe not as fat but still fat…

  11. krystyn

    Is that Pharell with her? Is he in the video or directing it?

  12. taycay

    You guys can talk all the crap you want to, but the truth remains that while she may not be as skinney as all the other crack whores in the industry, she is making $$$$$$ for wearing clothes that look like that and the beautiful voice she has. Sex appeal sells and that is why she is rich and famous and you are on the computer commenting on what has givin her fame for years.

  13. nevermind

    Taycay, sweetie, no amount of lipo, cash and fame can make a person happy. Need I remind of the the public crash and burn that was called “Glitter”? Or do you need a current reminder in the public self destruction that is known as Nicole Ritchie? As Biggie once said “More money, more problems…” He should know, he’s dead. Do not envy those in with fame and money cuz they are miserable, especially when they read these same comments. They are immediately reminded the ain’t s**t. Stop hyping them up, Mariah included.

  14. tia

    Krystyn Pharrel produced this record for Mariah thats why he is in it .. Snopp Dogg should be in it too cuz he raps in the song a bit.

  15. King Smart Ian

    Where does the line form to punch her in the stomach?

  16. Silasdog

    KSI, my man, right on dude! Mariah may be fooling some you, but I gotta tell ya, she’s laughable. You wanna talk about just plain lookin’ stupid? She wins a gold medal at The Stoopid Olympics. She probably also wins some eating contests, too. Now that Lil Kim is in the slammer, she’s looking to be the poster girl for the “crack-whore-music-bitch-hip hop-fatass-thug lovin’-low life-hamhock thigh-coke snortin’-scum ball” generation. The generation (or should I say de-generation) that’s taken over the culture of this country.

  17. Moksha

    Nasty old Ho. What a ridiculous sight, Miss Piggy prancing around for her employees. Looks like full-diaper boy is getting a tip tonight. (What on earth makes men wear their pants that way? They look like penguins!)

  18. Jen

    Don’t worry, Mariah… That big old ass ain’t going no where!

  19. TGO

    Envy is a ugly thing
    as displayed here by some of the posts
    but the real question here is
    why did you waste your time lookin at a artical about
    someone you think so low of?
    very sad indeed

  20. carl

    that is correct Mimi is one of our great ‘Singers’
    Everyone loves Mimi…

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