Mariah Doesn’t Look After Her Bitches: Owes Vet $25,000

Mariah Carey is now a grandmother to her Jack Russell terrier. She tweeted this past weekend, “Also..breaking news…ChaCha &JJ’s newest puppy now has a (Drum roll pls) name!…. Jackie Lambchops(said like Tony Soprano).”

Guess who isn’t excited? Her vet. Who has sued her for $25,000 in unpaid vet bills. According to the suit, the vet stated that she provided “extraordinary services” for new mom Cha-Cha, JJ and another Jack Russell named Dolomite to the tune of $37,800, but Carey has only paid $8,200 so far.

What a thoughtless/careless icon. Ps: how great would it be if Mariah eventually just turned into Cruella de Ville? I would love it. Check out the gallery of Mimi shopping with one of her bitches!