Mariah Carey’s ‘Obsessed’ Rapper Is Gucci Mane

More hints about Mariah Carey’s upcoming album are being revealed. The singer first posted the name of the album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel on Twitter. Then, she informed her fans that the name of the first single was “Obsessed”–rumored to be a jab at Eminem, hinting that the remix featured a mysterious guest star.

Mimi’s friend Jasmine Dotiwala teased fans on Twitter, “Listening to ‘Obsessed’ remix on repeat, -guest rapper-cant tell u who it is but he put the G in Ghetto! Sick combo-hotness.” Now, however, the rapper himself has stepped forward. Gucci Mane spilled the beans in a radio interview on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta.

Fantastic. She can use him to block her reportedly budding pregnant belly.

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