Mariah Carey’s Juggling Act

February 15th, 2006 // 35 Comments

We leave you today with Mariah Carey‘s showing off her jugs. Such a wonderful display of utter talent. We have no idea if these photos are old or new, but we wanted to bring a little joy to those heterosexual males who don’t end up getting any on Valentine’s Day.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. K

    Wow, I haven’t seen these is awhile. These were from around her breakdown era.

  2. aguacate jones

    this picture is like old……………

  3. CD

    She’s so trashy (and not in a good way).

  4. J

    Don’t you mean UDDER talent?

  5. Small Fry

    HOLY HOOTERS! That dress is hideous……and so is the person wearing it.

  6. Leeane

    Mariah Carey … Circa ..50 pounds ago !!!

  7. Steven

    I don’t get why someone with so much vocal talent resorts to showing off her breasts in public. She must have really low self-esteem. That’s the only way to comprehend this. I think she’d be a much bigger presence if she left something to think about.

    While she has a nice body, she is dog plain in the face. Maybe that’s why she pushes her breast so hard.

  8. Michelle

    Surely you mean her udder talent

  9. Jamie

    These are so old. Can’t you tell from her thin face and waist?

  10. d.c.

    Nasty.. too bad she doesn’t trust her talent and possesses no mature dignity still.

  11. Brian

    Tacky is as tacky does………

  12. Mark

    World Music Awards, 2003.

  13. Silasdog

    Udder talent, I love that remark. Okay, somebody explain, and I don’t mean to be nasty, but which of the following messages is she trying to convey? a)look, drool, but don’t touch; b)come and get it if you can; c)someone drain these puppies, please; d) yeah, that’s right, I’m trashy, but yall can kiss my ass.

  14. J. Lo in Versace she is not.

  15. d.c.

    let’s be lamby pals and submit her name to What not to Wear?..

  16. bestdress

    Oh thank’re so kind. Mariah, Mariah! .:drools on self:.
    Whoa baby! I love her for all of her talen ;)

  17. Rachel

    what was she thinking?

  18. Rachel

    look closely and you can see the veins in her boobs. gross.

  19. i think it’s time for Mariah to settle down, she’s completely irresponsable.

  20. ShoeSlut

    Steven’s hit the nail on the head: low self-esteem. It’s sad because she is talented (although not my cup o’ tea) and has incredible vocal range. Oh, well…

  21. moss

    Yes, I agree that boobveins are nasty. That’s not even sexy, it’s like, an anatomy lesson. “This is what the silicone expansion does”

  22. Grace

    Someone get her some instant tanner, those puppies are WHITE!

  23. Jackie

    What a hoe. You can tell it is a old picture by her weight. She looked like a pig at the grammy’s

  24. BlazerMary

    Does she own any mirrors??? Does she look at herself before she goes out?

  25. Professor Egon Leotard

    According to my preliminary calculations, Mariah Carey today is approximately 5.0276 times the size of Mariah Carey in these pictures

  26. EatShitAndDie

    These are from ages ago.
    But they still give new meaning to the phrase “dirty pillows.”

  27. Leslie

    How old is this picture? It can’t be recent. She has gained too much weight. It’s gotta be atleast a year old or more.

    And don’t think I’m ragging her. I enjoy Mariah and her tunes.

  28. There are pictures of her wearing this alongside Donatella Versace and Beyonce! Gold, I tell you, GOLD!

  29. zoom

    damn that is hot

  30. All that money, and the girl still isn’t in deep therapy for her VERY FUCKED-UP, EXHIBITIONISM disorder?

  31. I’m surprised you didn’t say “such a wonderful display of udder talent.” :) That would have made me giggle.

  32. Jean Jeannie

    Definitely an old picture…her arms have doubled in size since then. Besides her boobs have moved south as well.

  33. David

    I don’t care what anyone says about M.C. bcause she is the best and I just love her for who she is, not for what she wears. Mariah don’t listen to any of the jealous people. I Love You! U’r an inspiration to many.

  34. MMMM

    I want her tits in my mouth.

  35. charlovely

    mariah looks great in this dress,but then she looks great in anything and everything,she has natural beauty and talent and need not pay any attention to all the jealous haters(including madonna) out there who can only ever dream of, and struggle to try and reach the level of perfection that mariah carey is at right now. She’S HOT TAMALE!! AND A GREAT INSPIRATION IN LIFE!! LOVE YA MUCH AND APPRECIATE YA ALWAYS M.C.

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