Mariah Carey’s Boobs And Thoughts On ‘Glitter’

Well the diva is wacko after all. Why did Glitter fail? 9/11 of course.

With your movie Glitter you reached the low-point of your career. The Glitter album flopped. What went wrong?

MARIAH: Glitter was ahead of its time – today it’s ‘in’ to make 80’s music. But the timing was bad – I released it around September 11 2001. The talk shows needed something to distract from 9/11. I became a punching bag. I was so successful that they tore me down because my album was at number 2 instead of number 1. The media was laughing at me and attacked me.

The last comment is pretty much right on.

Mariah Plays the 9/11 Card [Stereogum]

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