Mariah Carey Will Perform At The Grammy’s

January 27th, 2006 // 32 Comments

Mariah Carey, who is nominated for eight Grammy’s this year, is set to perform with Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship Choir. Also performing on the show will be Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay. Mariah will be the one showing off her cleavage.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl

    Will they be giving us viewers knives so we can stab our eyeballs out after watching this fat ass nightmare…..again?

  2. Cherry

    Calvin Klein jeans are for people with no @$$, Mariah.

  3. Rerun from What's Happening

    Seriously if there is one entertainer in the world I could do without its Mariah Carey.

  4. Derek Jeter

    Remind me of the date of the grammys so we can do a group suicide before it airs.

  5. Common Sense

    wow….maybe u all really should kill yourselves…

  6. Angel

    jealousy is a terrible thing…if u dont like Mariah, deal with it.

  7. MimiLover

    BOOOO…all u haters aren’t even funny or clever…Mariah’s the best and she’s here to stay so i’m gonna have to agree with Common Sense.

  8. theba

    u suck, Miu!

  9. exuseME?

    mmmyeah, I ain’t nowhere near jealous of that trash or the extra poundage she carries around with her. I knew people from my high school choir that were more talented vocally than Pariah Scarey, and no, I don’t care to hear them screech either.

  10. Beauty

    I Love MC!!
    and exuseME, u DO sound jealous.

  11. OH PLEASE!

    She has absolutely NO charisma and NO rhythm WHATSOEVER! I don’t understand why people are so loyal to her skank-ass. I’d rather sit at home and listen to stray cat’s howl.

  12. Silasdog

    To prevent any unintentional cruelty to animals, I can’t watch Mariah. Her singing sends my dogs into a primordial howling call – the call of the wild is what it is. Somehow her voice touches the deepest longings of the canine soul. Either that or they see her as a big succulent rump roast.

  13. Fugly Girl

    Common Sense, please send me a gun and I’d be happy to.

  14. Daniella

    Okay so Mariah has gained a few pounds and wears things that she shouldn’t from time to time but she does have a beautiful voice.

  15. Whazup

    Poor Mariah… Christina Aguilera will steal the show with her performance.

  16. yuck big ass

    she is shit!!!!!!!!!!i hate ha songs n im ain jealous btw!! umm………….she has goten so much luv frm d grammies,,,,,,,she a shit piece…………

  17. Hard-On

    Let’s just all hope she’s wearing something really slutty and wish for a wardrobe malfunction….

  18. lady

    Yes, she is fat. Yes, she is annoying. Yes, she is a spoiled diva. Yes, she is dumb. But it cannot be denied that she has an amazing voice (even though she wastes it on crappy songs).
    Can some of u MAC lovers tell me what it is about her that u find attractive? cuz her face isnt all that, her body is saggy and wide, and her boobs, hair, nails and eyelashes are fake…

    p.s the bitch also wears furs.

  19. jms

    c’mon, people, shes fat. If it were me you would sat I was fat. She is fat and RICH and thats it

  20. la diva

    When you can skip from octave to octave while singing another Number One hit then you can talk!! Until then..SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!! Mariah, my hearts on fire for you gurl!!! Mariah is Fantabulous and you all know it!! Jealous LordGawdBuFuMoFo’s!! Mariah is the Bomb!!

  21. Passport Junkie

    I’m indifferent really….dont like her songs too much, hate the warbly voice BUT there is no denying sheer talent and hard work.

    lover or a hater – you have to be an admirer.

    has anyone seen any interviews/docos with her? I have and i was suprised at how witty and articulate she was….

  22. T.J.

    Mariah Brigade~ Whip your heads out. Your ‘Queen’ is so fat and lazy, she had abs drawn on her stomach. She’s INSANE. Stop defending her, it makes you seem insane, too.

    “Calvin Klein jeans are for people with no @$$, Mariah.”

    Cherry, How does Mariah not see what those jeans are doing to her ass? She must at least feel something is dreadfully wrong.

  23. T.J.

    P.S. “lover or a hater – you have to be an admirer.”

    Wanna bet?

  24. Miriam

    dear mariah,
    you are the most wonderful singer I have ever heard!!I cant wait to watch the Grammys beacause of you.Thank You………………I would have to go with angel,so all of you who hate her deal with it.Thank you angel.

  25. mariahrules

    What can you say, you either love Mariah or hate her. I personally love her. She has accomplised so much in the last 15 years in the music business and it is certainly because of her voice (leaving most other artists jealous)You may not like her voice but obviously many do (17 #1 hits prooves that). For all the people who love to make the fat jokes I think you need to get a life and grow up. Mariah may have gained a few pounds but you people make her out to be over weight which obviously she is not. No wonder so many celebrities are almost killing themselves with dieting.

  26. fantasy

    HATERZ or WAAAAAAAAAt use rrr da sadest ppl eva !!! ent u got n e fin beta to do den h8 on mariah kmt stupid fools GET A LYFE!!!!!!!!

  27. Bubba

    So she put on some weight. It looks good on her. Yummmie.

  28. venus

    If all you mariah Carey haters dont like her, why dont you just shut the fuck up!! For people who supposedly dont like her, you spend alot of time talking about her! So, do everyone a favour and go hate somewhere else. Just because you have a low self esteem rate for your own lives it does not give you the right to DISS about someone whos life has and will forever be better than yours! For all you mimi fans out there, you guys ROCK. AND MIMI IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPEND.

  29. Aden

    All of you Mariah Carey haters out there, why dont you just shut the fuck up!!! For people who supposedly hate her, you spend a lot of time talking about. So do everyone a favour and go and hate somewhere else!!!! Just because you have a low self esteem rate about your own life, does not give the right to DISS someone whos life has and will be forever better than yours…
    And please if you wanna commit suicide? stab your stupid ass in the eyes then! shit! For all the mimi fans out there, you guys are AWESOME!!! Mariah Carey is the best everrrrrrrrrrrr.

  30. mariah carey 2nd

    i love mariah carey and who ever dont they can kiss my @ss anyway she is not fat shes rich and yall niggas cant sing like her she looks pretty and she knows it so f%$@ off hattttttttterrrsss.

  31. Bobby

    I actually sang background for Mariah at The Grammys and she was very pleasantr and she really is not that fat. Y’all need to stop hating because she is a regular person like me and you!

  32. LilMzMariahHATEA#1


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