Mariah Carey Weight Loss Secret

June 21st, 2006 // 33 Comments

It’s not a secret how she lost the weight, it’s a secret as to how much weight she lost. Mariah Carey has no idea herself because she refuses to step on a scale. She states that she’s looking fab, so who cares how much she weighs.

She explains, “I don’t even own a scale. Here’s the deal. Muscle weighs more than fat. So why torture yourself with a scale? “If your clothes fit you better then you lost some weight.” And the star is baffled when she reads reports commenting on her exact weight, when she herself has no idea what her weight actually is. She adds, “I think they randomly pick a number and go with it.”

Mariah Refuses To Step On Scale [contactmusic]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mimi

    Looking good, Mariah.

  2. Samantha Jones

    UNOS Bitches.

    Mariah and Janet will never tell the truth about their weight loss. Does she not go to the doctor? Is she not weighed at that point? She knows how much she weighs and how much she has lost?


  3. asocialiteslifejunkie

    Why do all her clothes have to be so small? I mean she wears those little things even walking the dogs. Why cant she just wear blue jeans?

  4. Tamika

    The weight she lost was in her brain. She’s a nut and crazy weighs less than sane… She looks good though.

  5. Peppered

    “Muscle weighs more than fat.”

    So a pound of lead weighs more than a pound of feathers? Duh Mimi, a pound is a pound, doesn’t matter a pound of what.


  6. me

    Peppered, you are the idiot. Muscle does weigh more than fat. It’s denser than fat. A cubic foot of muscle would weigh more than a cubic foot of fat.

  7. Ashley

    Peppered, you know what Mariah meant. But you’re right about stars knowing their weight. They get the best medical care. They know their weight unless they step on the scale, look away and say to the nurse, “Don’t tell me-I don’t want to know.” (I’ve done this myself).

    Janet Jackson loses weight by having all her meals cooked for her by a chef. And when she’s touring, she dances for hours and the weight just rolls off. The same thing happens to Britney Spears. Then, in off time, they blow up again. Janet’s lowest weight runs around 110 lbs, and she’s around 5’5″ tall. The last time she was slim, she didn’t go all the way down to that, but she still looked good and lean.

    My sister said Mariah has a new man in her life. I think that’s why she’s lost weight. Falling in love does it many times.

  8. isitjustme

    For the love of God – GET A STYLIST!!!

  9. isitjustme

    For the love of God! GET A STYLIST!!!

  10. maryanne29

    Um, Mariah, your clothes don’t fit you. They would fit a 5’2″ 19-year old but they don’t fit you.

    I’ve seen sausage casings that were not as tight as her clothes.

  11. lookaround

    Me – there is no reason to call peppered an idiot. A pound of muscle does weigh the EXACT SAME as a pound of fat…the only difference is fat takes up less space. And Mariah didn’t say anything about cubic feet did she?

  12. lookaround

    Typo – let me try this again fat takes up MORE space than muscle

  13. Small Fry

    Tamika, you kill me. That was f-ing hilarious.

    My guess is she weighs about 160. I will gladly have a scale delivered to her house, along with a mirror so she can see how ridiculous she looks.


    Her head is the biggest part of her weight. She would weigh A LOT less without her big head..Of course she would weigh less without the pedestal that she weighs herself upon…….

  15. Sandy

    Look at those shoes! Ugh! Clodhoppers. Seriously, Mariah needs some help with her fashion choices. The dress is too short. Her behavior is still abnormal. After her divorce, she started to freak, and she’s never been the same since. Then when that latin singer dumped her she had a breakdown. She needs to see a therapist.

  16. ann

    I know when I was working out all the time and I weighed 110, I looked muscular and great. Then when I stopped working as much, I lost a lot of muscle, but I still ate right and my body changed. I was still 110 pounds, but if you compared my 110 muscle body to my 110 lean body, you could see a huge difference. So muscle does way more than fat. Your clothes do fit different and your body looks different.

  17. doofus

    let’s get this straight.

    yes, a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. DUH. What Mariah said is that “muscle weighs more than fat.” she didn’t say a pound of one weighs more than a pound of the other. and she’s right, muscle is more dense, so it takes LESS MUSCLE to make a pound than it does fat.

    which is why, when you’re dieting, using a scale isn’t always the best thing because it can be deceiving. a LOT of dieticians tell you to measure your limbs, stomach, chest, etc…before starting an exercise/diet plan, and then measure again every week. You’ll see yourself losing INCHES even if you’re not losing the actual weight as quickly as you’d like.

    but she STILL isn’t wearing clothes that “fit” her.

  18. (Sigh)

    Thanks “D” for finally settling that.

  19. KittyLiterati

    I’m still putting my guess in the pool: Hoodia, liposuction, and a form of vanity that sucks the life from her body.

  20. LisaR

    I really enjoy reading you guys and ladies comments…most informative and funny! Thanks for both and the therapy…

  21. wtf

    ^nutjob alert!^

  22. 2 Old 4 This



    smile of the week

  23. 2 Old 4 This

    Is it me or do the hemlines on all of her ill-fitting dresses look like they were hand rolled by sexually repressed parochial school girls?

    She leaves the house with a sensible hem just above the knee.

    Presto, chango! Nothing up my sleeve…….

    the paparazzi appears and you can see her tonsils

  24. HoneyB.Fly

    There is nothing wrong with her clothing. If she wants to walk around with a short dress she can. If she couldn’t then she woldn’t be doing it right now, would she? She looks good in what she wears and nothing wrong with that.
    Now for the fat and muscle thing, Mariah is right. Muscle does weigh more than fat, no matter what the size or amount is. That’s why there is no use of using the scale. Like she said as long as you look good, why should it matter what your weight is? And it doesn’t matter, unless it shows.

  25. mofatt

    I think she got it sucked out or put a tight rope around her stomache just like: Carnie Wilson, Star Jones, Ofra Winfrey, Anna Nicole and yes Janet Jackson. Cmon people get real!

  26. sensible

    I don’t understand why eveybody on here has to cut down other individuals. So Mariah lost some weight and is happy with her change. Good for her to be happy with herself, but there must be a lot of people on here who are not happy with themselves to need to cut her down on her clothes, weight, mentality and her life. I don’t think that is personally anybodies elses business to try and degrade another persons life. Please try and find some happiness within yourself and find the good in others instead of dwelling on the negatives.

  27. Grace

    Even though these comments are about two years old, I would like to say this: To sensible and the rest of posters- I was thinking the same thing. It’s sad to see how many people, especially women, post immature comments about another human being. Always remember that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Mean comments only gives me a bad impression of that comentor, and more preference towards the person that is being commented on. In other words, mean comments make you look bad. For example, there is no point in having the fittest body and/or a precious face, but your heart is full of rotten poison. Finally, mean comments is a self-defense mechanism and a lack of inner peace. A thief believes that everyone is a thief, just like a dishonest person who believes that everyone is dishonest. Instead of degrading other people, try to become a better human being and find peace within yourself.

  28. MK

    Mimi is fabulous and all of you fat asses/losers would wear smaller clothes if you were rich, famous and hot. Take that snicker bar our of your mouth, (this is unless you’re a butterhead – everyhing about you looks great but your head/face) and get a LIFE!!!! Haters suck.

  29. Cesar Perez

    Stop Hating On Mariah Carey She Is So Beautiful And Has A Beautiful Voice One Day I Wish To Sing A Duet With Her. That Would Be My Dream Come True. Although People That Hate On Her Will Hate On Me Too. Jealousy Is What Keeps Them Haters Talking……

  30. im a hater

    yep fuck u cesar perez ima hater. Mariah carey is anorexic and ugly!!

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