Mariah Carey Wants A Pink Nursery, Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Again

Reports surfaced this morning that Mariah Carey dropped $200K on a pink nursery for her opulent $125 million “minipalace” in Los Angeles. The New York Daily News compares her new digs — the Fleur de Lys — as a Buckingham Palace type of European castle thing. The place has a ballroom and private running track for Godsakes.

Anyway, of course any whisper of baby anything with MiMi and everyone foams at the mouth and starts babbling about due dates, baby names and the like. Unfortunately, the source at the paper is still pretty sure MiMi’s womb is barren, but “has tossed around the idea of adopting.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Carey (Nick Cannon on his driver’s license) told reporters recently he was planning on kids, “soon. Like a couple [of] years soon!”

What’s the most surprising of all is people actually suspect MiMi is knocked up or kid shopping just because she wants a six-figure pink nursery. This is the same woman who demanded a Hello Kitty room. Lest you forget.

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