Mariah Carey To Tour With Mary J Blige

Will Mariah tour with Mary J. Blige this summer? Probably not. Mary J. Blige visited MTV’s TRL and chatted with VJ Damien about her album, “The Breakthrough,” and the details of her upcoming tour.

Damien: “So, I’ve been hearing about, the rumors are, that, you know, you’ll go out on tour. I’ve heard some names thrown around: Mariah Carey, Jamie Foxx. What’s the deal with this tour here?”
Mary J. Blige: “You know, I don’t, all I know is that I’m goin’ out on tour, but we haven’t gotten a package together totally. So, as of now, it’s just Mary J. Blige. But, there will be someone else added onto the tour.”
D: “If you could get anyone that you could add, anyone in the world to this tour, who would you wanna team up with?”
MJB: “I would, I would love to team up with Mariah, really. Like, I think that’d be…”
(audience cheering)
D: “Yeah, yeah.”
MJB: “You know what I’m sayin’? What more can you ask for?”
D: “Right, well, you’re a vocalist, and you’ve got a great voice, and she does too.”
MJB: “She’s an incredible voice, an incredible performer, and person. And, you know, so am I.”
D: “Yeah, of course.”
MJB: “So, I think, what else can you ask for?”
D: “Exactly.”

What? Um, okay. And yes Mary, you are a great vocalist too. Self validation is very important.

More photos of Mariah Carey and guests from her “Say Something” video shoot, after the jump.

(Images via, Interview via Mariah Daily)