Mariah Carey Should Not Wear Skin Tight Clothing

March 28th, 2006 // 14 Comments

What on earth is she wearing. The top? The jeans? The boots!?! And who is that root showing thang with Miss Mariah? Welcome to the Fashion Don’t Hall of Fame. Tragic.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. IndicaGirl

    Maybe that’s her hooker sis?? Hee…

  2. BlazerMary

    Yesterday was Mariah’s birthday (36…which Mariah thinks is the new 22). Let’s chip in and buy the girl a mirror.

  3. Kelsey

    This is about the 13,000th post with that title…I wonder when she’s going to get a clue?

    Just cuz she’s thinner now doesn’t mean sausage packing! It just makes her look HUGE cuz she’s got a big frame. Awful

  4. my2cents

    Someone must be telling her that she looks good!

  5. Maria Carey should wear full body snow suits ONLY. It seems like everytime you see her, you see ALL of her… Why doesn’t that girl know how to cover up what she has too much of?

    You’d think that after a while of running around looking like a hooker that SOMEONE would take the girl shopping for some real clothes in HER OWN SIZE. She looks like she’s been stealing clothes from Mary Kate Olsen’s closet…

    I can’t imagine who could be telling her that she looks “ok”.

  6. timmons622

    That’s a whole lot of cellulite for only 36! She’s a heifer.

  7. I don’t understand! To me Mariah one of the greatest vocalists around. Her musical gift alone moves millions of listeners and they want more of it. Why she chooses to wear the tackiest crap on the face of the planet is just bewildering. It’s like her beautiful angelic blessed vocal talent and her tacky/ho fashion style are at war with each other.

  8. timmons622

    The Ho’s winning.

  9. Marco

    .. bitch is always posing. but shes cute, though. hotter than most of all you haters out there.

  10. Mermaid

    i think she looks quite okay…she a little bit curvy..but it doesnt mean that she cant wear tight clothes..indeed..tight clothes suits curvies more :P

  11. pook

    like MC herself the boots are very ugly

  12. Books

    Maybe not the classiest dresser, but she’s gorgeous compared to the usual skin-and-bones stars.

  13. ko

    mariah is hot. you guys are a bunch of haters

  14. Ken

    Mariah is very beautiful woman. I’m a great fan of hers but I admit this outfit is a disaster. The jeans isn’t that awful, but the boots are hidious and the blouse wouldn’t look good on anyone, it’s just an awful blouse.

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