Mariah Carey Prank Calls Nick Cannon On The Radio

Unlike her now famously slurred speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival and Glitter, Mariah Carey can be funny on purpose.

The diva called her husband (click the continue reading link below to listen to the audio), Nick Cannon’s, radio show Rollin’ With Nick Cannon and pretended to be Debbie with a very convincing Long Island accent (that’s two quality acting jobs under her belt), a caller who wants to talk about porn.  Cannon was gung ho.

“Me and my husband have a very good time when we watch porn,” said Mariah/Debbie. “You can look at the bodies and be like, hey, my husband he’s not so far away from that.”

“So you use porn as like a gauge system?” laughs Nick.

“A gay what?”

“No, a gauge.”

“A geisha? Who? No, I’m talking about porn, like real hardcore stuff here.” This seems to be where Nick figures it out, but Mariah stays in chacter until the end, even after he outs her.  I think I understand why she’s with a younger man now. 

This is hysterical, though, and I like this other side of her. Here’s the silly couple at the 2010 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in coordinated outfits.