Mariah Carey Opens Up About ‘Precious’ And Her Past

In a forthcoming interview to the Independent, Mariah Carey tried to open up and minimize the recent controversy surrounding her after her boozy Palm Springs Film Festival acceptance speech for Breakthrough Actress. Wait, didn’t she already make her acting debut and star in Glitter? Carey addresses this in the article, in which she explains why she may only now be getting accolades for her acting in Precious.

“She is the complete opposite of me,”
says Carey, 39, of her character in the film, a social worker. “What we had to do was strip away layers of myself, me as a
celebrity, me as an artist, so that I could become this person who actually
has to reveal to the audience what is going on…I had to take in that big

Perhaps Carey has a new-found sense of responsibility caring for 29-year-old husband Nick Cannon.

Carey also performed yesterday at the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, Florida.