Mariah Carey On Board

July 28th, 2005 // 28 Comments

Mariah Carey’s looking very busty. There’s nothing like being on the water in Capri and sipping on some champagne. More of Mariah after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. starrzz

    Her legg muscles look painted on! BWHAHAHA

  2. StickyT

    It’s HappyNut at sea!!! I don’t see any bums on board??

  3. moxie crimefighter

    Mariah must have blow up bazooms because they get bigger every freaking day!

  4. crystal

    This woman is just ugly. There is not much one can do for that face. Miss Piggy

  5. cakeboy

    oh ma god-
    bitch keep on tryin and tryin…
    “fetch” aint ever gonna happen babe

  6. jennifer

    Did she paint her eyebrows on after she started drinking?

  7. Barbara

    It’s sad how she’s trying to be like Beyonce… everyone talks about how beautiful she is because she’s thick, but Mariah, it looks different on B.

  8. sauced

    she looks like she’s sucking in her gut. she’s huge!

  9. gia

    she has a giant monkey face. she isnt fat, she is just average. we are just used to seeing scrawny celebs everywhere.

  10. J

    When she decides to really let herself go, she will be a HOUSE. I mean, her head looks too small for the body in the first pic. I don’t know, maybe it’s the shadowing …

  11. MrVDO

    give her 5 years and she’ll be primed for a cage match with Aretha Franklin.

  12. AI

    All of you are retarded! Mariah is too cute! This isn’t the best pic of her but damn if I was as rich and talented as her I would give a fuck what people said about me. And who wants to be fat ass beyonce?

  13. R

    Just because her stomach’s not fat doesn’t mean that she’s sucking it in. It’s often the skinny women who have the big fat guts.

  14. Alex

    Thats the ugliest bathing suit ever. Its so unflattering, what the hell is she thinking? But I’m glad to see she’s not perfect like her other photoshopped pictures.

  15. J

    beyonce is hot… but if gets chubby it will go straight to those thighs. Her thighs are huge…. I remember when they told her to cut out the fast food during their first tour. She’s hot though… 10x better than Mariah

  16. Jessica

    Thats a HUUUGE BITCH! How tall is she anyways? She looks like she should be shopping at the Big & Tall store instead of squeezing all that mass into her usual attire we’ve all come to know and love.

  17. bb

    mariah you used to be so svelte, what happened???

  18. Eden

    What is the statistic??? 80% of the population in the US is a size 14 or plus?? Good for Mariah. She sets the example that you don’t have to live on crackers to be sucessful in the entertainment industry. How many of you are making millions and millions? Shes obviously doing something right. I live and work in Hollywood and think all sucessful women that are bigger than a 4 deserve a big ol’ hell yah. How many of you are 4 or smaller????

  19. Jane

    That bathing suit is so not glamorous. It looks like last season’s ShapeFX line from Newport News catalog.

  20. Christine

    look … every person that is putting down Mariah needs to shut the fuck up because you’re all jealous of her talent, success, and fame. No one is perfect, i’d love to see pictures of you when you didn’t know people were taking them and see how fucking beautiful you look, assholes.

  21. sky

    Eww! She looks so ugly!! Her face is funny looking and her body is even worse, the body of a transvestite. Yuck!!

  22. OK WTF, Can I just say Haters! Those are just bad pics of Mariah not looking her best but she is thin I met her in person and also absolutely beautiful and shes way more talented then Orange face Beyonce. Beyonce is way thicker then Mariah and not half as talented, she couldn’t hit those notes if she tried, although I do love Beyonce she doesn’t hold a candle to Mariah, WTF. And I’d also like to see some of ya’ll when pics are being taken of ya’ll ugly asses when you are unaware, TRICKS PLEASE :P

  23. marcos

    Mariah is so beautiful the bathing suit isnt that nice but shes pretty

  24. lucy $ tanya r kool

    mariah is hell kool!!!! just becuz she not aneroxic doesnt mean shes ugly u idiot she should be proud of her body!woo go mariah

  25. Skye

    Curves are sexy. I’m a white chick, but I admire and aspire to the beautiful booty belonging to Mariah. And I love Beyonce’s curves, as well. You won’t see any pictures of Paris Hilton on my walls.

  26. Bonnie

    Sure, if Mariah lost weight, she’d be even more fly. But let’s keep it real – she’s outsold Madonna and is 2nd to the Beattles. You call that a WINNER, don’t you??

  27. cv

    she looks hot. there’s another picture in this sequence not shown here. she’s in the gold swimsuit bending over, as it’s wet it’s clinging to her ass and you get a real good look at her crack. makes you want to bend her over, pull the costume to one side and bang her from behind

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