Mariah Carey Loses Weight For Her Art

March 14th, 2006 // 6 Comments
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The gossipists are all abuzz about Mariah Carey and her weight loss, but is this really something to be trumping up. It’s not like the woman was Aretha Franklin size, and is now suddenly svelte. Alas, it’s all for her new video, Say Somethin’.

The stylish denizens of Europe’s fashion capital would have been surprised this week to spot one of America’s hottest stars promoting her own personal take on glamour. After jetting into Paris a few days ago, Mariah Carey stopped traffic at the Champs Elysees by appearing to film her latest video Say Somethin’ in a thigh-skimming, bright pink mac.

Earlier in the day the pop diva was mobbed by fans as she left the city’s Four Seasons hotel – this time attired rather more demurely in a cream coat dress. Mariah smiled gamely as minders helped her through the enthusiastic throng of well-wishers.

Although the Grammy winner doesn’t lack confidence about her appeal, she has even more reason to be proud of her figure these days. “Everyone said I was fat so I did something about it,” she recently told reporters at a post-Oscars bash. “I’ve been working out like mad.”

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A few more photos of a primping and posing Mariah Carey, after the jump.

A Toned And Trim Mariah Turns Heads In Paris [Hello!]

(Photos via Mariah Daily)

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I think Mariah looks great and she wasnt so so so fat. She was just overweight and im glad she did something about it. Im proud of her. You go Mariah !!

  2. doofus

    not a mariah fan, but at least she’s doing it the healthy way, and not just starving herself.

    she’ll always be a “curvy” woman, but she is looking much better than I’ve seen her lately.

  3. Cheesy

    I don’t think Mariah was fluffy at all–she just chooses to emphasize her extra 5 pounds because she wears clothes that look best on swizzle sticks instead of things that emphasize her good assets and cover her bigger ones!

    That all said, whatever she’s doing, JUST PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SPRAY ON ABS again!

  4. s

    mariah is as annoying as all hell and is a completely vacuous, self-absorbed singer who makes hack music. that said, she was never “fat”. to call her fat is a misnomer, and anyone who does so needs a copy of the dictionary. her fashion choices suck, but she’s never been obese or overweight. if you want to rip on her, critique her crap music or seeming stupidity. don’t manufacture a non-existent biological problem. it’s no wonder anorexia is rampant in hollywood and among young girls.

    rant over.

  5. MaryAnne29

    Okay, she’s got the weight thing under control so she can wear those Fredericks of Hollywood reject clothes.

    Now, Mariah, it’s time to tape your driver’s license to the mirror and repeat every morning: “I’m not 21 anymore and that’s okay”

  6. justMe

    she looks amazing now! u gotta give it too her! (although the video itself will of course be too retouched). I’m glad&priud of her that she did something about her weight too! yay for her.
    it’s her destiny to be hot :)
    can”t wait for the video.

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