Mariah Carey Is Always Late

I guess her Hello Kitty watch is broken.

Mariah Carey swears that she’s a big girl now that she married Nick Cannon (I guess rapidly approaching 40 didn’t help much). But both she and Nick admit to her tardiness.

Says he, “we are always late for everything.  That is probably the main thing I’ve gotten used to.  It feels pretty weird for me.”

If that was the worst thing that my billionaire wife did, I think I could live with it, too.

And if you ask me, the woman is always late because she’s always wobbling around on those feet-tenderizers she calls shoes.  If you need to hire a full-time professional hand-holder, it’s time to rethink your foot fashion choices.  That being said, where do I sign up to be Mariah’s hand-holder?

While I ponder more of life’s great mysteries, feast your eyes on these pictures on Mariah leaving the Copacabana Palace Hotel in fabulous Rio de Janeiro, where she is staying with Nick Cannon whilst in town for Oi Fashion Rocks.

Gallery Info: Mariah Carey leaving the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro.