Mariah Carey In V Magazine

Diamonds are a girls best friend. Miss Carey is looking all glammed up here, and seems to be loving the attention of Karl Lagerfeld’s lens. However, she may not be enjoying sharing the attention between her music and the case of a New Zeland mother who had sex with a 13-year-old boy.

Briar Dravitski, 23, the first woman sentenced under new laws which mean men and women are treated equally as sex offenders, was ordered to do 240 hours’ community service when she appeared in a New Plymouth court on charges of committing two indecent acts with an underage boy. In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Star-Times, Dravitski revealed she was terrified she would be jailed for the two nights of drunken sex last September. She believed she avoided prison because of her mental illnesses, not because she is female, and said gender should be irrelevant in sex crimes.

She said the boy – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was her first sexual partner since a recent break-up with her partner, although police say that is contrary to information they have. Dravitski, who said she spent six years of her childhood in social welfare care and has clinical depression, borderline personality and obsessive compulsive disorders, met the boy at the house of a close friend.

She invited him to stay at her house and that night, with two other teenage boys, they drank beer and cask wine and ate sausages, chips and biscuits. They listened to Dravitski’s favourite singer, Mariah Carey, and looked at pictures of her son, now aged two.

What song was playing? “We Belong Together?”

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(Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for V Magazine)