Mariah Carey: Ho-Tastic!

March 26th, 2008 // 6 Comments


Way to flaunt the puppies girl! More photos of Mariah Carey, her tits and her Hello Kitty bandages hands are after the jump.

(Hint – Right-click on the image thumbnails with your mouse to open them in a new tab or window.)


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. miss m

    LOL! Looks like a 1980′s hooker. Now she needs the big hair, circa “I Don’t Wanna Cry”. ROFL! What a hoot!

  2. Bob

    Yep, 80′s hooker, that’s it allright. ROFL. Just goes to prove, money doesn’t buy taste or common sense :D

  3. satan

    I wish she would get a new assistant to help her dress her near-40yo self.

    @ least she doesn’t have a drink in her hand for once.

  4. Zekers

    Man, these spammers are becoming quite annoying…

    I think Moooriah will continue to dress like this when she’s an old lady. She’ll be all plastic by then. She’ll be on the cover of AARP in her fishnet support hose and orthopedic platforms…you get the picture. She’s ridiculous and the only one who doesn’t seem to know it.

  5. B.SophiaLoren

    Mariah is a FABULOUS DIVA!… She’s real to what she likes, and doesn’t apologize for it. She likes the chest & legs to be on display. And to her credit, she has clearly been working out, so good for her.
    May she always be small enough to keep all bits from slipping out inappropiately.

  6. Jake

    I effing love this bitch. She is so over the top and I love it. She’s such a diva, and you can tell she is having the time of her life. You can’t hate on a girl for living it up. I’m jealous, I won’t lie. And girl can sang, wow, my life would not be complete without Mimi.

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