Mariah Carey Hangs Out With Naomi Campbell

We can only guess as to why Mariah Carey is hanging out with Naomi Campbell. Is Naomi trying to revive her singing career? Is Mariah getting tips on the proper way to throw a phone? Your thoughts.

Süddeutsche Zeitung recently asked Mariah Carey 100 questions. Here are a few of them (via Mariah Daily)

SZ: The name of your first Barbie?
MC: Superstar.

SZ: Was it a slap-on-the-face-childhood?
MC: It wasn’t a happy childhood. I didn’t have a childhood.

SZ: The last President of the U.S. you granted a private performance?
MC: President Clinton. His daughter Chelsea arranged that.

SZ: Are you glad to be alive?
MC: Absolutely.

SZ: How do you keep a living butterfly?
MC: Delicate thing. You’ll need a certain temperature, a certain humidity. I only have this one right here. (Holds up her right hand. There’s a diamond butterfly on her ring finger.)
My lucky charm.

I’m sure some of these answers were lost in translation.

More photos of Mariah Carey and her butterfly ring after the jump.

(Photos via Oh No They Didn’t and Mariah Daily)