Mariah Carey Has Standards

June 17th, 2005 // 13 Comments

In a shocking revelation, Mariah Carey has revealed that she has slept with less than five men in her whole life. So that would make it four men then, right? I can think of two. Tommy Motolla and Luis Miguel. Any guesses on the other two?

The 35-year-old singer says she prefers to hang around with gay men.

Asked about her sexual partners Mariah told German Cinema magazine: “I would need less than the fingers of one hand to count them all.

“I have had lots of boyfriends, but I did not have sex with most of them.” She said the lack of sexual partners was not through lack of opportunity.

Mariah said: “If I even look at a man, he immediately thinks: “Oh, she fancies me”.” She added that was why she preferred the company of homosexual men.

The gay men as a buffer zone technique has been around for ages. If only Tara Reid would use Mariah as an example she’d me much better off.

Mariah has slept with less than five men [Ananova]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. LVB

    I heard she slept with Eminem, one of his songs on his new album talks about her and how she was only a booty call at first and stuff…

  2. Su Chin Lee

    Oh Please, Mariah is a whore, plain and simple. I know for a fact she gives bj’s on a first date. Maybe the reporter should have defined “sex” for the slutty singer. Just because she may not have opened her legs (which I find unlikely) doesn’t mean she wasn’t accomodating men in every other bodily orifice.


  3. Kelly

    Derek Jeter definately

  4. Here is how we know she is lying: Nobody sees her looking at them and actually says the words, “She fancies me…” She FANCIES me???

  5. jz

    I can’t stand Mariah but I’ve heard she’s a prude so maybe she’s not lying.

  6. Beth

    Didn’t she date Vin Diesel too? I’m not buying it.

  7. Beth

    Eminem said he definitely did, and I believe yes, Derek Jeter was the other. Looks like that’s all four.

  8. Simon

    Since when do bridge and tunnel chicks use the term “…fancies me”?

  9. comeon

    I swear she made this comment BEFORE her breakdown. And that was how long ago??? I’m sure she must’ve slept with more guys after that. It doesnt really mattet how many guys she’s slept with and it doesnt neccessarily makes her a whore, but come on, dont pretend to be an angel either.

  10. ella

    Plus Tommy Mottolla.

  11. Steve

    I smell bullshit

  12. uhh

    she HAS said this exact same comment before..a very long time ago..
    an idiot with a short term memory…
    and a whore..
    great~! keep up the good work..

  13. Veesh

    I cannot believe there is people in the world that have all the time in thier lives to berate people they know bugger-all about. I mean, heck, I am no Mariah Carey fan, but it was mighty amusing to see so many comment on a celebrity that could at ease piss on each one of them with just the breadth of her career, success, and being. Personally, I dont give a rat’s ass to how many men she fucked. So there were 300 such men. And? What’s the point being made anyway? Whatever happened to existentialism? To letting people be? Lord, this has been such an intellectually-challenged and narrow-minded webpage to read, i’m going to have to go throw up.

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