Mariah Carey Gets “Make-A-Wish” Award

November 20th, 2006 // 5 Comments


Pop superstar MARIAH CAREY has collected the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Wish Icon Award for making the dreams of many sick and deprived children come true. The SAY SOMETHIN’ hitmaker received the organisation’s greatest honour in recognition of her commitment and generous donations to their cause. Carey picked up the award at the seventh annual Make-A-Wish Foundation ceremony held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Hollywood on Friday (17NOV06).

Congratulations go to Ms. Mariah for so selflessly giving her time to those children. I mean, just think of how many little boys in the hospital have had their dreams come true when scantily clad Mariah Carey showed up and gave them the closest glimpse they’ve ever had of a completly naked woman.

Written by Lisa Timmons

(Photos by Daily Celeb)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lisa

    I wish that she would dress her age.

  2. A great woman, with great looks and voice, and recently with a big heart, too. Congratulations!

  3. pilsbury

    I agree with LISA, why not dress her age, as for the make up, OMG, the make up doesn’t match the colour of the outfit, tut, tut, tut.

  4. A Grown Up

    To the ‘person’ who regurgitated the nonsense above offendingly entitled ‘an article’, and all those in support of her canine female behaviour (since I can’t use the word itself without my message being blocked):

    Do you have a problem with Mariah Carey’s philanthropical works over the past (near) 17 years? I’d appreciate you explaining to me why it is you feel justified in rudely mocking the works she’s done in help of those worse off than you or I? Her attire after all has nothing to do with it.

    I find people like you to be so disgustingly hypocritical it just nauseates me to the nth power of all that is sick in this world.

    If she bragged about the works she’d implemented and paid for out of her OWN pocket you’d all rip her to pieces for cashing in on the press she got off the back of the poor/sick/under-privileged.

    Thankfully, being a NICE PERSON (an alien concept to you all I know, but not only do they ACTUALLY exist, wait for it – SHE’S ONE OF THEM – judging by what I’ve seen here, moreso than most of you that’s for sure), she doesn’t need every slag bag & fairy to know just how much she does for others to make herself feel better, because those who benefit from her help have ALWAYS been MORE than thanks enough.

    I hope I never have to come into contact with the likes of your kind because you sure as shite are a bunch of filth if ever I saw some. You’re disgusting and you should be ashamed.

    P.S. I find your site disclaimer amusing as hell; you monitor posts for malicious content, but are more than happy to post it when you write it yourselves!

  5. Jed

    It’s good to see Mariah cares about the less fortunate. I’ve always known her to be a really big hearted, and caring person. She is so talented. She has to be one of the best female singers of all time. I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with. She’s nominated for The People’s Choice Awards! Make sure you show Mariah some support and vote for her at ! I work with The People’s Choice Community, just giving you guys the heads up!

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