Mariah Carey Gets Loopy For For the Holidays

How does the singer celebrate Christmas you ask? By hopping out of the hot tub and then she rolls around in the snow. She was told that was a tradition in Aspen. Ah, did Madonna pass that one on to her, because I’m thinking she got snowed.

‘I like to get out of the hot tub and roll in the snow,’ she said in an interview with Aspen magazine. ‘Somebody told me that it was a tradition in Aspen.’

However the star does admit that her friends may be pulling her leg, saying: ‘Maybe they were lying to me.’ If it was not a tradition before Carey began holidaying in the snowy region, the singer says it has certainly become one since she started taking her Christmas break there.

‘It’s a tradition for us to have Santa Claus-looking bikinis, jump in the hot tub, and roll in the fresh snow.’

More photos of Mariah Carey enjoying Aspen (and some champagne) after the jump.

Mariah Carey’s hot and cold Christmas [Opodo]

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(Image source)