Mariah Carey Finds Her Inner Youth In Barcelona

July 26th, 2005 // 6 Comments

Mariah Carey truly seems to be in her element at the Tibidabo fairground in Barcelona. She, along with a group of fans, whooped it up. And no, the two men in red pictured in the bottom right photo are not about to take her away to the looney bin.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. laura

    Isn’t she freaking out about all of the germs in the public places- she better whip out the Purell!

  2. lisa

    she’s kinda michael jacksonish…

  3. Steve

    Hmm, looking like a Stepford Wife walking my dog in the park didn’t work, going to church in Harlam didn’t work, posing for pictures with the homeless didn’t work either. Maybe being a fun lovin’ Mimi of the people will revive my dead career…

  4. yo

    her career was never dead and she is more alive then ever right now with #1′s all across the charts, she will have the top selling cd this year she will pass 5 million sold can u do that can u sell even 5? leave her alone she could extinguish u with a snap

  5. Lorena

    Mimi poses with the homeless at one of the city’s shelters….

  6. Mariah Torres

    Hey My name is Mariah And in dont know you but i admire you alot and iam doind a report on you i am in 6th grade and live in California San Lorenzo

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