Mariah Carey Enjoys Her Muhammad Ali

June 13th, 2007 // 3 Comments

It was all in the name of art. Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum and Michael J. Fox amongst others took in the ‘Magnum Photos: Muhammad Ali’ show which kicked off the Magnum Festival. The show features never-before-seen photos of Muhammad Ali, and was curated by his daughter, Maryum Ali.


By Jessica Marx

  1. stolidog

    I Love You Michael J.!

  2. mel

    How can Mariah Carey see anything of the exhibition with those sun glasses on, she must have a black eye, or maybe conjunctivitis??

  3. James

    She looks so stoned! She needs this sun glases to cover her drugy eyes. The BITCH has snorted cocain. And you are not sexy Bitch! She looks like a fucking whore with her plastic boobs, her botox face. All on this little slut is fake.

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