Mariah Carey Demands The Red Carpet

March 22nd, 2005 // 11 Comments

She’s arriving at a fucking hotel. I think the emancipation of Mimi, don’t liberate her from being a demanding bitch.

There’s nothing more amusing than a B-list star acting like a Queen and issuing ridiculous demands. This is the position that Mariah Carey has put herself in after news of her recent trip to London.

The singer was due to stay at the Baglioni hotel in Kensington, where her entourage had booked 15 rooms… However, the hotel had foolishly forgotten to roll out the red carpet flanked by the correct large white candles – at 2.15 in the morning. This oversight was so appalling to poor Mariah, that she had to suffer the indignity of driving around the block in a cavalcade of limos until everything was in order.

Her aides had rocked up at 2am to check everything was set for her arrival, when they were met with ordinary pavement and lighting. Clearly this wouldn’t do, so hotel staff were summoned to rectify the situation – as Ms Carey will not step on a dirty pavement.

But once the plush red rug was rolled out and the big fat candles were lit, Mariah finally turned up to take residence in one of the 15 rooms she’d booked.

Mariah’s Ridiculous Demands [Ananova]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ella

    I thought we were saying good-bye to her cleavage….

  2. Rob

    Am I the only one who thinks Tommy Mottola wakes up and thanks God everyday he’s done with this loon?

  3. Ema

    thank you for mentioning that Ella…my thoughts exactly!

  4. cynthia

    Is there anything more annoying (other than Paris Hilton) than a self-absorbed ‘celebrity’? EEK!

  5. tDotBiotch

    wouldn’t you love being the one to pull the rug out from under that untalented ass? maybe it would bring her down a notch or two.

  6. Sashay

    I feel sorry for this woman. She fell off the rocking chair and bumped her head a long time ago.

  7. Mary

    Please note that this article is from a British gossip paper, and its accuracy is questionable.

  8. cicelyfairfield

    ‘demands’ the red carpet or ‘demeans’ the red carpet?

  9. Ashley

    I doubt very much that this is true.

  10. bobby

    HEY LOSERS!!! This pic is 3 years old….get a fuckin clue….don’t hate on the number 1 singer in the world…..

  11. Jessica

    This isn’t true, she mentions it in one of her interviews. Half the stuff this retarded website says about her is fake, anyway. Why waste time putting her down? She obviously doesn’t care what other people think of her, and even if she does, it wouldn’t make a difference…she is insane but who isn’t these days? eeeesh

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