Mariah Carey Chats Up Eddie Murphy

August 29th, 2005 // 35 Comments

While wearing a dreadful dress. Whatever happened to the help that Andre Leon Tally was giving her? It’s obviously not working so well.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jane

    Run, Mimi, RUN!!! Getting your ass kicked by a drag-queen for messing with his/her man is not worth it!!!!

  2. jjj


  3. raevee nyc

    Is it just me or does she have the most awkwardly proportioned body. She’s just too large for her own good. She doesn’t understand that she isn’t 5’6″ 120lbs.

  4. *S*M*G*

    She has to have had liposuction. There is no way she could gain all that weight and look so big without having any of it show up on her middle. Anyone else find that fishy??

  5. Cheesy

    Lord almighty, PLEASE put some clothes on, Mariah! Ain’t no one in love with your body like you are!

    And BTW, where did your spray-on abs go? I see no ab (painted or otherwise)–just flab!

  6. Eva

    Mariah Carey: Still a slut!

  7. jo

    she’s curvy, aside from her ass. it’s rectangular.

  8. Carmen

    Would someone show her how to use a mirror? She needs to see what she looks like from the back. Gross.

  9. TasAnnie

    Weird butt flanges!

    She needs to be introduced to a Stairmaster.

    Mind you, I’m not sure anyone could look any better in that dress.

  10. I second the question, “What ever happened to the help Andre Leon Tally was giving her?” She started off so well with her look in the “It’s Like That” video. Now, she seems back to her old ways, dressing sleezy.

  11. yeah...

    she does have a weird looking body, but i can never put my finger on it…

    i think her upper body is too big, she has a big back, I think that’s it. and those fake implants made it look worse. her body frame is not fit to have big boobs. and her butt is not very toned, very flabby…

  12. tgd

    And, what y’all look like?

    Mariah looks better than all of you on your best day, even with her square cheeks.

    So just shut your holes.

  13. Icequeen

    tgd: I’d don’t go runnning round in 2 square inches of lycra though.

  14. Eddie Murphy

    “Run Mariah! before someone notice there’s meat falling out your dress!”

  15. MoneyBunnie

    I am so tired to Mariah Carey’s skankin ass. She’s not that good looking and maybe she hasn’t realized she isn’t young any more. Aging rockstars, singers, actresses just don’t know how to age gracefully anymore. It’s like she has a continual mid life crisis.

  16. joe

    she always dresses so trashy! all that money cannot buy class.

  17. Bradley Woods

    Haters!Haters!Haters! I have to admit I don’t really care for Mariah to much but shes attractive and she has produced some hits. The fact is, some guys dont like skinny ass girls but would much rather go for a girl that is “thick”

  18. Cheesy

    Hey, she can weigh 200 pounds for all I care. It’s none o’ my business. But she should at least dress to fit her size and flatter herself, but instead she just puts on a couple of swatches of fabric. But hey, she’s all about the press and she gets it. But man, if she’d just dress to flatter instead of shock, she might actually stop getting picked on.

  19. harhar

    Standing at 5’8-5’9 tall, one can safely conclude that MC is a HUGE BITCH!

  20. Monarch

    IF I remember correctly, Mariah Carey was a bully in highschool, well before Im like, she so nice, so butterflies and rainbows, how could someone so girly possibly be a high school predator, well I guess being the nuthappy titaness that she is it wouldn’t be that hard. BUT HAY, for ya’ll who said her body was out of proportion, it’s only cuz she’s gained a few lbs for every years since ’99, remember her in the “Heartbreaker” video.
    It’s kinda sad seein her like this, well I guess it kinda confirms her greatness, fame comes at a price, ask Michael, Whitney, Elvis, James Dean, or Madonna, though besides her being a complete sell out, and a disappointment as a person, I dont think she lost her sanity, maybe. Though she looks like Golem from LOTR.

  21. Monarch

    And also, she doesn’t take care of herself, Mariah Carey is know to party, quite often, till early hours, and that’s not good for the metabolism.

    There are like NEARLY three Mariah’s in this version of her, she used to be so tiny, I wonder if she’s on antidepressants, I mean her dad died, her designer killed herself, the “Glitter” tragedy – which is far from being as bad as crtics claim, she did manage to get to No. 2 on the charts with Loverboy – and her sisters a prostitute who, even Mariah was kind enough to take care of Alison Carey’s children when she was in jail, tried to exploit Mariah with fabricated lies.
    Anyway, Mariah was reported to be on vocal rest the Friday before the VMAs, though she drank and partied it up until 3 AM Saturday.

  22. chilly

    i just wanna say what ever happened to respecting an artist for their talent? when it comes to mMariah Carey, you are either a fan or not! what is the point of degrading her image and mocking her style? She is Successful at what she does, she is a very talented human being, and prolly has made way more of a good effort to the world way more than the average “hater” has. when did u ever sing and get to number one freom having nothing? when did u donate to charity odr start a fresh air fund camp? when did u inspire millions of fans andentertain the world with your voice? i guess never because u were too busy hating. if shes fat let her be. if she parties hard, let her be cuz im sure your drunk ass does also. shes human! i repeat SHE IS HUMAN!!! when are u going to admit to yourself that hating on mariah makes u feel better about your class-less elves? stop the hate. if you are not a fan of her muscic, then listen to something else. leave her personal life to herself because she has the human right to cherish that.

  23. beautiful

    people are just hateing
    on mariah coz she got life
    money ,the lot
    maybe people should look them self in the mirrior and see that there not all that
    im not sayin i am but maybe people need 2 not hate appricate

  24. Mariah

    Respect, yourself and others alike. Half of this worlds population is fat does that make them less wothy of your respect? I was made in Gods image and likeness. So all of you haters can kiss my tamale ass. B I B big is beautiful F A T fat an fabulous. I have a wonderful sex life do you you ignorant haters……………….

    P.S. Iluvu4uraqt Iluvu4whouR

  25. Ryze

    Of course these haters don’t have a sex life – they’d be snapped in two. Plus – they’re spending most of their lives praying to a porcelain taoilet bowl as they puke up the last binge they had.

    Bulimic, stick thin waifs. You disgust me. Too much bullsh*t American propaganda media brainwashing you dumb skinny white Americans.

    Skinny women aren’t attractive, and aren’t healthy. They never eat and are always moaning about food (and bitching about celebs they wished they looked a little more like). Women are never happy as they are – why would I want a partner with another thing to bitch on about.

    I’m a 25 year old v. good looking man (imho) – Mariah is one of the most beautiful women on this planet – alongside Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

    I saw one message talking about her preferring black men (a thinly veiled racist comment if I ever saw one). GET IT THRU YOUR DULL BRAINS. SHE’S MIXED RACE. SHE JUST LOOKS WHITE ENOUGH TO HAVE BEEN PROMOTED ENOUGH TO SELL THAT MANY RECORDS IN YOUR RACIST SOCIETY.

    Give up hater women – you hate out of jealousy and envy. I’ve seen women do it for years. Just go slit your skinny ugly wrists already.

    More dieting won’t make you pretty. Go shoot some heroin or something – Oh! You already do? that’s why you’re such a waif – ok go grow some teeth or throw yourself under a train or something.


  26. SEnsual

    thats mariah !!!!!gorgeous and i love her singing could care less what she looks like.beautifull and talented

  27. Julio Fuentez

    Look, yall can love mariah if you want, but i hate that dress on her!! She no fucking better to be going around in a dress like that. I’m really getting sick, and tired of her lies, and denials, and dressing like a hoe, and thinking she’s cute, and dressing like she’s 17!! I’m tired of looking at her. She makes me wanna puck! You can see some fat on her, and i bet that beyonce’ can wear that dress instead of mariah.

    Don’t she know that she goingto be 36 years old, and still going around dressing like she 17, and she not?! It doesn’t sink in that brain of hers, and she’s so hardheaded, she can’t do shit right. It’s really dissapointing alot of her fans, and would love to see the real glamourous Mariah Carey. She needs to stop comparing herself to Beyonce’ or Jennifer Lopez. And her huge ass don’t need to be in that dress. Mariah is too old for that!

  28. Vicki

    mariah has the nerve to wear that dress and she should know that she’s getting entirely too fucking old to be dressing sleezy! People are sick, and tired of dressing her sleezy ways, cuz she doesn’t like dressing at her age. at times, she doesn’t have common sense, but she could’ve at least dressed alittle much better at the party. I bet everyone at the party gave her the cold shoulder for wearing that rediculous red dress?! Right now, i’m giving her the coldest shoulder for wearing that dress. she look to thick to be wearing that. trying to be cute. yeah, i know that she has money, fortune, and fame, but there’s no need for her to be exposing her body like that everytime, it total rediculous!

  29. Deelite

    Mariah is just doing this, because it’s a “shake it off” thing. enough is enough Mariah! put some damn clothes on, and at like you’re 36 damn it..

  30. gail

    i totally agree with julio and deelite. mariah needs to stop dressing sleezy like that, and she just trying to compare herself from beyonce’, and beyonce’ has a better body than mariah does, so mariah just needs to get over it. she’s too old, and she also needs to realize that she’s not that skinny enough to wear a dress like that. im so dissapointed with her, and she has promised that she wasn’t going to dress sleezy no longer, and she lied! people has had it with her nasty, sleezy looks, and she needs to go back to her glamour looks, and decent looks like she did before. she’s not a supermodel like Tyra Banks. I don’t like the dress on her. Gross!

  31. Yvette

    she needs to burn that dress!!!!! GROW UP MARIAH, you’re not young anymore, and stop think you’re a supermodel, thinking you’e that skinny. you are thick!!!!

  32. Mark

    hey, Mariah looks really good for her age she is sexy. I bet all of you ppl ent all that y r u so botherd about what people look like. People should be able to dress in what they feel comfortable in!

  33. jenni

    i happen to agree, she looks gross! i’m getting sick, and tired of her dressing skimpy. she’s too old, and looks like she needs to start covering up her weird body often. mariah needs to stop. everyone knows that she doesn’t take care of her body, and she just doing that to get some attention to attract men, and most men aren’t interested in her cuz she’s half crazy.

  34. jz

    so what if mariah is 36yrs old. just look at madonna in her latest video. she’s almost 50 and dressing like that. what is mariah supossed to wear? a turtleneck. give it up haters! mariah still rulz.

  35. lilmzshady


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