Mariah Carey At The Grammys

February 10th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Oh no. What is up with this almost cooch showing travesty? And the shoes. Please. Where is Andre Leon Talley when you need him?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. DJ


    Hey! Jelly shoes! I rememer those from way back in elementary school!

  2. DJ

    oops! remember

  3. Small Fry

    Heard on the radio this morning that she spent a good hour after the grammy’s in her dressing room crying and pouting that she didn’t win any that were broadcast on television. I wish she’d have another nervous breakdown.

  4. Katie

    In a word: Pathetic.

    Please! Why don’t these celebrities just start showing up naked? Why are they bothering to out-slut one another?

  5. bestdress

    I love Mariah…she’s one fine looking woman!

  6. ashley

    How can anyone be pretty when they lie about clothing size? She has people sew on size 6 tags on size 12 clothing.

  7. Silasdog

    Honestly, I can’t remember seeing a photo of this
    big mama in which she DIDN’T look stupid. What is she wearing here, a “come peek at my crotch” dress? Honestly, at this point you’d think someone in New York would pull her aside and tell her just how damn STUPID she looks. Doesn’t she have one close girlfriend who can tell it straight from the shoulder? I mean, does this porker own a full length mirror? Please, just let me outa here.

  8. Me

    oh hell no look at you blabing… Porkas my ass shes hot one of the hottest around and she aint a model so she can look how she wants shes a singer and shes the best out!!!

  9. Kris

    Mariah looks so amazing. Stop hating people you can never be on her level. You wish you could look this good at her age (36). Congratulations on your 3 Grammys Mariah and keep up the good work.

  10. EatShitAndDie

    I understand why we are here to make fun of catastrophies like the one above.
    I wonder what these pathetic losers that attack other posters and defend the celebrity of people that would not look at them twice get.
    Get a life bitches.
    On second thought. I don’t want to know.

  11. mimisnumba1fan

    mariah you’re amazing and you most of the time wear great clothing!! don’t listen to all the people saying not to show off your beautiful body, that dress is great and looks awsome on you. COngrats for winning 3 Grammy’s, you deserve all 8 but you did great and will do much better next year i know…..Lov ya much,

  12. fairmaiden

    Oh why cant this chick just dress normal, just once in a while. Is that too much to ask for her not to look like a hooker everytime she hits the street.. Dayum!! STOP THE MADNESS!!

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