Mariah Carey And Janet Jackson Team Up

June 23rd, 2006 // 5 Comments

According to Jermaine Dupri, music producer and boyfriend of Janet Jackson, the rumored duet between Mariah Carey and Janet is going to happen. This is despite the fact that Mariah Carey has stated that she doesn’t know anything about it. The question is, will the world care, especially if Janet Jackson‘s forthcoming CD continues with her trend of declining sales?

He tells MTV News, “I got a mean idea, so look for it. It’s gonna happen… Please believe that.” And producer Dupri, who is largely responsible for Carey’s 2005 comeback, insists the duet could be wrapped up in time for the repackaged release of Jackson’s much-anticipated new album “20 Years Old.” He adds, “We’re definitely gonna do a repackage on the album once it comes out. Hopefully it’s successful and people buy into it, then I’m going back in the studio. “The closer I get to that idea (for Janet and Mariah), the more I know where it should be at. It’s feeling like it’s gonna happen.”

More photos of Mariah Carey, after the jump.

Dupri: ‘Mariah/Janet Duet Is For Real’ []


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. maryanne29

    Maybe the two of them can get together and split the cost of a stylist. My head hurts at the thought of photo of them together.

  2. Kim

    On what? A hamburger?

  3. Toots

    Those street shots are priceless. She’s so cranked up on botox her power glasses look small as they creep up her forehead.

    The New Yorkers standing around her are probably annoyed and wondering, ‘Who is the orange fortune teller?’

  4. Rick Osbourne

    Man, would I love to see both of them naked in my bedroom. Duet? Who cares…

  5. HoneyB.Fly

    Screw you,toots. That woman looks better than you than you will ever look like in a lifetime.

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