Mariah Carey And Beyonce Ask: What Recession?

And would we expect anything less? No. No we wouldn’t — Mariah Carey and Beyonce’s gross wastefulness is a familiar constant to rock us through any topsy turvy economy.

First things first, Mariah Carey is rumored to have put a bid on the “World’s Most Expensive Mansion” the Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills. Clearly, Mariah and Nick Cannon really need the 15 bedrooms, five-acres and 41, 000 square feet and are ready to plop down an estimated $125 million. The two have made an offer for an “undisclosed amount.”

Money well spent.

Beyonce on the other hand, like Katie Holmes, could said to be “valiantly” boosting New York’s economy by buying diamond-encrusted undergarments. Seriously. When Beyonce visited Patricia Field’s Bowery boutique last weekend she spent $11, 000 in 20 minutes, as reported by Page Six. Perhaps her flashiest purchase, they note, was a black, diamond studded bra.

Shoot, you aren’t anybody unless you got some bling underneath all the rest of your bling. It’s bling on top of bling.

Gallery Info: Beyonce shops at Patricia Field, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon assorted