Mariah Carey: Airbrushed, Yet Open


I know I probably speak for about five other people when I openly admit that I own a “Glitter” DVD. But it’s OK, because I’m being ironic about it, so HA! (I’m saving watching the director’s commentary for when I’m feeling particularly drunk and lonely.) And as much as it pains the songstress to talk about her very public filmic flop, Mariah Carey was willing to touch upon it briefly for her interview with Playboy.

“I try to avoid it. Actually, I don’t mind it. There are moments that make me laugh, and I don’t care….Glitter was such a bomb, but no one ever pointed out that it came out around September 11, 2001.”

Probably because the government wouldn’t want to cause mass hysteria over the obvious conspiracy implications, Mariah, you poor political pawn, you.

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