Mariah Carey Wants Her Thoughts Broadcast…All 4 of Them

I can never decide what I love most about Mariah Carey. Is it the fact that every outfit she owns is built around her giant breasts? Is it her cascading waves of hair, which are carefully styled to accentuate said breasts? Or maybe it’s some of the choice quotes that she utters (thankfully) in the presence of a witness who can spread the quote so that it eventually hits my ears and I can smile and think, “Oh Mariah. You clearly live to amuse me.” So, two things:

First off, she’s dismissed rumors that she ever said she would rather share a stage with a pig than Jennifer Lopez and I TOTALLY believe her.

Secondly, she recently expressed a desire for what she believes is Stephen Hawking’s mind-reading voice contraption saying, “I need Stephen Hawking’s voice machine so I think and it comes out in a robot voice.” OMG, I would LOVE for her to have a mind-reading machine. Can you imagine her walking around, with her army of assistants and security detail, having to listen to a robot voice saying, “My hair is pretty. I like shoes. Butterflies are awesome. I would rather share a stage with a pig than Jennifer Lopez…” all day long?

Photos: WENN