Mariah Carey Launches Her Fragrance, Risks Yeast Infection

Look at Mimi, so demure in her cardigan and her necklace at the launch of her new fragrance, “M.” She’s even giving a little bit of a princess wave to the press who have shown up to the Macy’s in Glendale for the event. But don’t be misled, if you take a peek at some full-length pictures of her, you can see that the our girl couldn’t leave the house without at least one piece of super-tight clothing, wearing jeans that reveal all her business. As for her perfume, that decanter looks like a serious piece of plastic. I think I’m going to ask for it for Christmas, since it can serve double-duty as perfume and a murder weapon, should a burglar be silly enough to break into my apartment. He shall die a painful, but fragrant death.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN

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