Mariah Carey Restrained From Slapping Diane Sawyer

April 25th, 2008 // 15 Comments


Diane better haul ass. Mimi’s cotton candy kingdom experienced a snarl this morning. Mariah Carey appeared on Good Morning America and there were some problems with her pre-recorded vocal track. The track misfired at the beginning of the performance. And then again at the 3:00 mark. The second time, a backup singer tried to take over Mariah’s part and bitch had a response. Check it out. Stop singing my part now, baby! She’s probably crazy because they had to sew her into that dress.

And another thing. Is Diane Sawyer pleased that she’s been reduced to playing Dick Clark for bitch divas? She was on 60 Minutes. I’d take having to pass Andy Rooney’s crusty ass in the breakroom anyday over dealing with maniacally jealous,worldbeating diva crazies like Mimi. Crazies who think that 40 is too young to have kids.

More photos of Mariah Carey at Good Morning America are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. S_M_G

    Wow, she has an amazing body!

  2. say what?

    if her voice is so great, why does she have to lip sync her performance?

  3. rootabega

    THAT was simply terrifying. the fur’s gonna fly backstage, baby.

  4. Shasta

    Mimi’s looking good these days. I’m soooooo glad I’m not that backup singer. Ouch.

  5. sexy

    This is for number 1, yea she sure has an amazing body you idiot. She just lost the weight she’s been carrying around for the last 10 years. An amazing body is, JLO, Beyonce, Shakira, Halle Berry. WAit till one of Leona Lewis’ songs blows one of hers right to the roof, probably another breakdown. She’s a jelous envious person and her fans know it. She wishes she was Barbie.

  6. Wicki

    I don’t get it–did you really watch this? “The second time, a backup singer tried to take over Mariah’s part and bitch had a response.” What are talking about? I don;t see any backup singers–that’s a backup track she’s singing too, and the backup track that screwed up. She’s still singing the lead live. And the fact she had a “response” while she was singing proves she was singing the lead part live. Gad. I could care less about Mariah Carey but this is so misleading.

  7. ;o

    Er Wicki, the camera focuses on the singers around 2:40, and she turns to them when she tells the girl to stop singing her part.

    But yeah, its a backup track. She definetly sings some parts of it, but you can tell when she just stops

  8. S_M_G

    Umm, sexy: calm the f*ck down.

  9. Jane

    Is this seriously a “song”? Does it even have a melody, or lyrics about a coherent thought? It sounds like minimally tuneful disassociated babbling, with a vulgarity thrown in here and there. How is this popular, much less a hit?

  10. LindaB

    Love it!!! Diva is alive and well. “Stop singing my part now baby”..priceless…..

  11. walizzalawonga

    what a spoiled cunt

  12. walizzalawonga

    what a spoiled bitch

  13. why are so many people hating on successful people? why don’t you all try it yourself and not make it even in America’s Got Talent! just a thought…

  14. b.SophiaLoren

    I’m about to slap someone too. I can’t see the f-n video, and it sounds too good to miss.

  15. ClubScum

    I had a good replay of this watching it on TV with my VHS/DVD/TiVO system hooked up to the stereo and I can really tell the parts where she stops singing and the vocal track comes in. She seems to grit her teeth and not move her voice on those parts!
    I also didn’t notice the “Stop singing my part now, babe!” part until the second or third repeat.

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