Mariah Carey: 2009 Independent Spirit Awards Red Carpet

It’s always kind of jarring to see Mariah Carey dressed sexy, yet appropriately here on the red carpet at the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards. In a simple black summer dress, Mimi shows off her stems while wearing a pair of black, wedge sandals.

The singer isn’t usually a regular on the independent film circuit, but this year her promotion of her film Tennessee had her making the rounds at premieres and the Sundance Film Festival.

Granted, it is fall, but the event was held at Santa Monica at the beach, so it’s actually rather amazing that Carey isn’t wearing a bikini. I mean, she’s even wearing a demure white cardigan to cover her shoulders in case it gets chilly.

Gallery Info: Mariah Carey on the red carpet for the 24th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California.

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