Mariah Carey’s Album Makes Ashlee’s Baby Irrelevant

The honeybaked diva is basking in the glow of her imminent success here at the Hard Rock Cafe at Univeral City, California where she posed for pictures and signed copies of her new album E=MC2. The smile on her face clearly says, “I don’t have to fake a pregnancy to sell albums.” And if you look closely at her teeth, you can see the leftover bits and pieces of Ashlee Simpson’s dreams for a successful career.

I just saw her recent guest appearance on Oprah, and as much as I love to make fun of her, I was completely entranced. She showed me how to work out my arms with the flick of a wrist and dammit if she didn’t look great. I’m flicking my wrists as we speak, in the hopes of attaining Mariah arms.

Photos: Getty Images

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Photos: Getty Images