Mariah Carey Taking The ‘Diva’ Label To New Heights Of Ridiculousness

Mariah Carey’s about to have her chunky ass thrown out of Britain. She’s in London, promoting her “Touch My Body” single and obviously in some sort of competition with Jennifer Lopez for “Biggest Diva Asshole.” The demands she’s making are CRACKERS. I’ve assembled a handy dandy list for our beloved SL readers because I want to get all of this mess in! Enjoy!

She’s booked all of the luxury suites at Claridge’s hotel and demanded that one of them be turned into a $20,000 gym for her ass to use.

She wants to be constantly supplied with olives and nuts, because that’s all she’s eating right now. This is probably how she’s somehow managing to fit into those tube dresses.

She required an almost $100,000 antique table be flown over from NYC for her to sign cds at a signing promotion at Claridge’s on Tuesday. Well, she’s not going to sign on a card table. She’s Mariah, lamb!

At this signing, she sat on a “throne” worth about $2,000 and was surrounded by “butterflies” (I’m calling PETA) and cream roses. And I’m sure plenty of vaseline on lenses.

Mariah got her swerve on at a restaurant called San Lorenzo until the break of dawn yesterday morning. She then cancelled a morning show interview the next day at the last minute, claiming “she’s not a morning person.” HAH! She probably didn’t get the right music box in her hotel room, and refused to come out.

Mariah demanded that she always be supplied with straws, because she will only sip her fruit juice through a straw. Which you know someone holds for her. Someone probably wipes her ass for her, too. The sick bitch. The straws are probably also for getting oxygen in because you know it’s hard to breathe in some of those outfits.

She also reportedly wanted to control the content of all her interviews. “She wants complete control over all her radio and TV interviews and demanded they were pre-recorded so she can cut out the bits she doesn’t like,” a source says.

I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted. That’s a lot of diva.


More photos of Mariah Carey leaving the Radio One studios in London are after the jump.

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