Mariah Yeater Storms Out Of ‘Insider’ Interview [VIDEO]

A clip of Justin Bieber denying he is the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby caused the 20-year-old to get up and abruptly leave her interview with The Insider–not once, but twice.

Mariah broke down after viewing the footage of the Biebs saying there was no way he was her baby’s father. Mariah has not wavered from her original story. The 20-year-old singer mom says that she met Justin backstage after his concert, and the two had sex, which resulted in her pregnancy.

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Asked if she’s worried pundits will bring up her past, Mariah Yeater said, “They already have. Everyone’s had a past and made mistakes — there’s nothing wrong with that,” Yeater said. “No one’s past should matter [toward] a future situation, or anything of that matter.”

Bieber has indicated he’ll take a paternity test to prove the child is not his. The question remains whether or not this will tarnish his image, regardless of the outcome. It would seem likely that if she is proven to have made these claims up, he might come out all right in this.

Watch part of Mariah’s interview…